How do you use with Facebook ID/Secret

Sep 24, 2011 at 1:47 PM

Once you have entered your Facebook App ID and Secret into the settings on Orchard, how do you configure your Facebook application within Facebook to use this?  How does this module enable Facebook application function, and what is ALL the additional configuration required?

Sep 27, 2011 at 3:53 PM

You should configure your Facebook App as usual when a website integrates with FB: set the site Url (because select that your app integrates with FB as a website) under Basic settings. Under advanced settings set App Type to Web, "Forces use of login secret for OAuth call and for auth.login" to On, "Encrypted Access Token" to On. These latter settings are important, but are I think the defaults as in the near feature they will be the only options (as FB is making OAuth authentication the standard).

I'm not sure I fully understand your second question. The FacebookWebContext (from Facebook SDK) instance (initialized with the configurations you enter on the admin page) can be accessed from an IFacebookSuiteService instance (you can get this as a constructor dependency, see FacebookConnectService for examples). Other Facebook App settings that can be set in FacebookWebContext (like canvas Url) may be configurable from the admin area as well, but as these are only necessary if one makes a Facebook-integrated app, currently they are just there in the content part, empty.

Your can leave the other configs (the widget configs) on the default. If you don't understand what an option stands for, look at the offial FB social plugins docs, as the settings are the same.