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Update notes from FB Suite v1.2.1 and FB Suite Connect 1.0.3

With version 6 the Facebook C# SDK that's included in the Facebook SDK module was deeply modified with plenty of breaking changes. Facebook Suite as well as Facebook Suite Connect was rewritten to adapt to the changes in the SDK, but this has two consequences:
  • Facebook Suite and Facebook Suite Connect both have breaking changes on the API level (if you don't use the services included in the modules when developing your own modules you don't have to bother with this).
  • When updating the modules you have to update Facebook SDK as well. Facebook Suite 1.3 or greater and Facebook Suite Connect 1.1 or greater require the Facebook SDK module 1.2 (or greater)!
All in all, if you want to use Facebook Suite 1.3 or Facebook Suite Connect 1.1 you have to do the following:
  1. Disable all the Facebook Suite modules (practically this happens if you disable Facebook SDK)
  2. Update Facebook SDK
  3. Update Facebook Suite (If you have Facebook Suite Connect installed, you'll get exceptions here about assembly references. This is "normal" but you could avoid it if you delete the Facebook Suite Connect module folder first.)
  4. Update Facebook Suite Connect if you use it
  5. You may have to repeatedly hit refresh on your site if some UI elements get missing (e.g. the search box under Features, don't ask why...)
Note that Facebook Suite Connect does not include the problematic auto-login feature anymore.

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