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Project Description
The Facebook Suite module enriches Orchard sites with Facebook-related functionality. Features include authentication with Facebook and social plugins.

This repository has moved to GitHub. Please visit the new repository at

The CodePlex page is not maintained anymore, but still here for historical reference.

  • Loads the Facebook JS SDK with app configurations
  • Exposes FacebookClient from FB C# SDK through service
  • Facebook Connect authentication with Facebook Suite Connect module:
    • Simple (user only has to provide a username) or full registration (user registers as normally, but can login with one click)
    • Optional requirement of verified FB account
    • Registered users can attach their account to their FB account for simple login
    • Profile pictures are saved as avatars
    • Link to FB profile on user profiles
    • User data saved and exposed through service with other features
    • Import/export configuration
  • Comments box widget
  • Like button widget
  • Facepile widget
  • Like box widget
  • Import/export configuration

Commercial-grade support for this module is available through Lombiq Technologies.

The module can be installed from the Orchard admin panel by searching for "Facebook Suite" or can be downloaded from the Orchard gallery.
Please make sure to read the Documentation.

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