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Facebook Suite Connect


The module depends on Facebook Suite, Helpful Libraries (at least 1.6) and Avatars. Please install them prior to installing the module!
Note that the feature will only work if you set up an application on Facebook and provide its details under the Facebook Suite Settings page under Settings.
Update notes for Connect from v0.9


Set up the configuration in under Facebook Suite Settings in site settings, then place a Facebook Connect widget (or multiple) widgets on your page. If you place the widget on a layer that both authenticated and non-authenticated users can see then not besides non-authenticated users being able to log in through Facebook, authenticated ones can attach their Facebook account to their local one for one-click sign in.
If you choose to only allow verified Facebook users to register, make sure to warn your visitors somehow beforehand.
After an unsuccessful login attempt the module adds error messages to the notification system. However notifications are not always displayed, depending on the theme. Typically notifications are not displayed on the home page, so if a user attempts to log in from the home page but is rejected, she/he won't see the messages. Please make sure to inspect your theme.

Otherwise non-documented features

  • Users' profile pictures are saved as avatars
  • If the users' profile is displayed (e.g. with Contrib.Profile module) there will be a link to their FB profile displayed

Version history

  • v1.2.2 (27.07.2012.):
    • Updating to VS 2012 project file format
    • Minor fixes
  • v1.2.1 (27.07.2012.): Refactoring import/export
  • v1.2 (24.07.2012.):
    • Better exception handling
    • "Attach you FB account..." is only displayed if there is no one yet attached
  • v1.1 (09.04.2012.):
    • Rewritten to use the new v6 Facebook SDK
    • Facebook session handling
    • Robust loading of scripts (should eliminate errors when client-side functionality was erroneous)
    • Removed problematic auto-login feature
  • v1.0.3 (28.03.2012.):
    • Import/export configuration
    • FB data not displayed on profile if no FB profile is saved
  • v1.0.2 (18.03.2012.):
    • Removing translation from package
  • v1.0.1 (08.03.2012.):
    • Fixing NullReferenceException for logged-in but not connected users
  • v1.0 (24.02.2012.):
    • Simple and full registration
    • Registered users can attach their Facebook account
    • Facebook profile link on user profile
    • Connect events
    • Heavy refactoring
  • v0.9 (17.12.2011):
    • Split from Facebook Suite
    • Avatar handling
    • Several minor improvements

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