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Update instructions from versions or earlier

Please read these instructions carefully if you update from such versions! There are also breaking changes!
Although the update is made as seamless as possible, since the Facebook Connect feature was split into a new module, Facebook Suite Connect (to avoid a big number of dependencies for the whole Facebook Suite), it's not trivial.
  1. First make sure you're running Facebook Suite If not, update the module to this version.
  2. Disable all Facebook Suite features, just in case.
  3. Disable the Service Validation Libraries feature. You can also safely remove this module's folder (Piedone.ServiceValidaton) from the Modules directory, as Facebook Suite (and any other modules developed by me) no longer depends on it (however there could be other 3rd party modules depending on it, who knows, check it first). However the Facebook Suite Connect modules needs its successor, Helpful Libraries. More on that later.
  4. Since the Facebook SDK module (which contains the Facebook C# SDK) that Facebook Suite depends on was updated as well, please update it first.
  5. Update Facebook Suite. Now you can also re-enable all features you wish. The following steps are only needed if you used or plan to use the Facebook Connect feature.
  6. Install the Helpful Libraries module, as the new Facebook Suite Connect module depends on it.
  7. Install the Avatars module, as Facebook Connect needs it for improved profile picture handling. Please read the the Avatars module's docs too, as it also has dependencies.
  8. Install the Facebook Suite Connect module.
  9. Now you can enable it. When prompted to upgrade, upgrade the module. This will do the necessary modifications to the database.

Please note that css classes have also changed, as well as the stylesheet's name!

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